Nature Source Genetics (NSG) is a company dedicated to optimizing plant and animal breeding through the use of genomic data.

NSG Mission

Genomic technologies are producing vast amounts of precise data that are rapidly revolutionizing the breeding process, ampoule but full realization of the potential of these technologies requires a fundamental shift in the way genomic information is applied to the design and execution of breeding. Using its team of mathematicians, cheapest optimization specialists, statisticians, computer scientists, software engineers, and breeders/geneticists, NSG has developed a suite of algorithms and techniques to optimize efficiency and maximize returns across the entire breeding process. NSG provides support to the breeder both for overall breeding strategies and for shorter term decision making, with methods tailored to specific breeding objectives and to the biological constraints of each species. NSG also provides expertise in the development and implementation of new protocols for efficient clonal propagation, leading to the rapid availability of the best varieties for farmers and for industrial plantations worldwide.




Breeders are required to make decisions at each step of the breeding process, all of which impact the ultimate chance of success. NSG assists breeders in making the best possible decisions using all available information, including genomic and phenotypic records. By optimizing and shortening the breeding process, we maximize the return on resource investment in creating new improved varieties that will benefit any step of the agro industrial value chain. In nearly a decade of operations, NSG technologies have proven successful in maximizing the rate of genetic improvement in a broad range of agricultural species.


NSG is unique in having assembled and trained a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled scientists from the mathematical, computational and engineering fields. The focus of this team has been to develop new algorithms and methods by which genomics data, combined with other relevant information, can be used to maximize gains in the breeding process and to insure both short term as well as long term success in commercial breeding programs. NSG’s algorithms and methods have not only been rigorously tested internally, but have also been validated in ongoing commercial breeding programs across a wide range of species. NSG uses its full toolbox of proprietary algorithms and methods on behalf of each of its clients, while at the same time continuing to develop new algorithms and methods to meet the evolving needs of its current and future clients.


The demand for agro products will significantly increase in the coming years due to multiple factors including population growth, global warming and loss of productive farmland due to urbanization. To meet this demand, it is projected that the crop yield per hectare will need to rise by as much as 50% over the next few decades. Improving the efficiency of our agricultural species through genetic improvement represents the cornerstone in society’s plan to meet this challenge in a sustainable manner. It has been the mission of NSG to develop and deploy a wide array of technologies by which natural genetic variation can be evaluated, preserved and utilized to increase the rate of both short and long term genetic gains in agricultural species to meet the world’s food demands, both now and in the future.