While the majority of R&D in breeding is still devoted to major field and vegetable crops, pill there is a rapidly growing interest in the genetic improvement of high value specialty crops.
fruit and nuts Specialty crops

Tropical perennials (e.g. coffee, buy information pills cacao, viagra sale rubber, oil palm), fruit and nut species, energy crops and spices are all examples of specialty crops that have very high market value, but until recently received only modest investment in genetic improvement. The advent of genomic technologies now makes it feasible to execute genetic improvement in these crops with a level of gain and efficiency unimaginable only a few years ago. NSG’s portfolio of genomics-based breeding technologies is ideally suited to the design and execution of fast-paced breeding programs in specialty crops, creating high added value to the industries who depend on these commodities. Such investments in breeding are also key to insuring a sustainable supply of these strategic raw materials to their users.