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Unilever is embarking on a tea research and development program with the help of NSG

On May 23rd “Unilever announced it is embarking on a tea research and development program aimed at safeguarding future tea supply using 21st century plant breeding methods that will lead to improved and sustainable tea varieties of tomorrow.” This program has been undertaken with the support of NSG who has signed a Service Agreement with Unilever for exclusive services on Tea genomics.


  • Uniqueness


    NSG has developed a unique approach for optimizing benefits of genomic data in breeding. We have created a multi competency team combining the mathematic and genetics sciences.

  • Pragmatic


    Breeders have to make decisions at each step of the breeding process. NSG assists them in making the best possible decisions using all available data from genomics and field observations.

  • Social


    By creating more efficient varieties NSG contributes to the worldwide sustainability of agro production. In addition NSG concretely contributes to the improvement of the livelihood of smallholders when working on specialty and tropical crops that have received less attention from breeding in the past.